Bremen, Germanymale

Kräutergarten, op. 224, for Viola and Piano

17 easy pieces with improvisation
Instrument List
Viola, Piano
Year (created)
Original Instrumentation
Directory, No.
op. 224
Difficulty level
The 17 pieces in this book are first and foremost recital pieces that are suited to all kinds of recitals. But they have a special feature: in every one of these pieces, there is a section in which the viola part is to be improvised. In order for this to fit in with the piano part, there is a set of possible notes given - e.g. part of a pentatonic scale. These notes are written in scale form without stems, this does not mean that only scales should be played. It is also not necessary that all given notes should be used, on the other hand, the set of notes can be expanded.
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Edition: ViolaViva, 2024
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Edition: ViolaViva, 2024
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Edition: ViolaViva, 2024
Kräutergarten, op. 224, for Viola and Piano