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Sonata, for Viola and Piano

for Patrizia Messana
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Viola, Piano
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The sonata for viola and piano was written in January 2023 and is dedicated to violist Patrizia Messana. The main focus lies on the first movement which is in sonata form. The viola plays a lyrical theme in A over the piano's gently flowing sounds. After a while, the second dance-like subject appears in 5/8 time. The development section is a whimsical fugato, the recapitulation begins with the second subject and ends with the main theme. The second movement is a colourful scherzo, the sonata ends with a very calm epilogue which once again makes use of the first movement's main theme.
Duet, Sonata
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Edition: ViolaViva, 2024
Vorwort / PrefaceVorwort / Preface
Edition: ViolaViva, 2024
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Edition: ViolaViva, 2024
Sonata, for Viola and Piano